Service Mixing Valves

When you install a hot water system at your commercial property, it’s also important to install a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) to ensure the highest level of safety when using hot water. At Fresh Refrigeration Repairs and Maintenance, our plumbers are 100% qualified and trained to provide a comprehensive range of TMV services, including installation, maintenance and repairs.

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a device which mixes hot and cold water before discharging it at a stable temperature. The correct installation and maintenance of a TMV is critical to its correct operation. Without regular servicing these devices may fail to do their job and serious scalding can result. This is particularly important in hospitals, schools and care homes where users are at their most vulnerable. Assured Air and Water provides professional installation and servicing of TMV3 thermostatic mixer valves. All valve services include a complete service record and report. Where required, the descaling and disinfecting of taps, shower heads and shower hoses is also available.Our staff have undergone training from the leading manufacturers to ensure that their product receives the standard of service and maintenance required to allow the TMV to operate at the highest possible level.

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